I was reading about "the most successful living animal painter" Tillie the Jack Russell Terrier on Brad Listi's blog. I had previously seen a segment on some news show about Tillie a few months ago (at which time my husband and I laughed hysterically at the absurdity). However, when I saw Brad's posting, I had a lightbulb moment.

Before I move forward with my big idea, let me give you some background on Tillie's art:
Tillie's human attaches carbon paper to regular paper and then Tillie scratches away and voila! A genius at work. Here's an example of Tillie's work:

In this picture I'm pretty sure that Tillie's saying, "You Schmucks, I sniff other dog's butts and eat goose sh*t and you want to believe that I am a creative genius?!?" or maybe she's thinking, "You doofs, you're going to pay $2000 for THIS?!?!" She's more likely to be thinking, "Is that SNAUSAGES I smell?!?!" though.
(But that's just my interpretation).

Personally, I think all the scratching means she's mad at her human for naming her something dumb like Tillamoock Cheddar. Or, maybe she just needs to go to the bathroom? But hey, I'm no artist, so what do I know?
Anyway, before you nay-say, let me tell you this:
According to a CBS article, Tillie has had 17 solo exhibits and has sold more than 100 of her paintings, which sometimes sell up to $2,200 each.


Here's the lightbulb moment:

For all of you people who paid up to $2200/each for Tillie's designs, I give you TP ART by Ninja Cocaine Kitty.

For a small donation to my bubble gum ice cream fund (please see DONATIONS on the sidebar of this blog), you can receive an ORIGINAL Ninja Cocaine Kitty TP Art of your very own. (Please note: Donations of $25 and up only, please. Hey, you think toilet paper is cheap these days?!?!) Each piece of Ninja Cocaine Kitty's TP ART is unique, so your TP ART may vary from the one shown in this picture.

In addition, each donation will also receive this "I'm so sweet how could I have ever done anything wrong like try to chew your face off?" frameable catograph of Ninja Cocaine Kitty:

For the highest donation, I will also throw in the original JK Wilson rubbing of the Weinermobile.
(I know, just when you thought it couldn't get any better).
HURRY! ORDER NOW! Quantities are limited as we never know when Ninja Cocaine Kitty will get his next round of inspiration (also known as "we don't know when the next time he'll sneak past us into the bathroom he's been banned from...")!


URBAN PEDESTRIAN said... @ 8:21 AM

I'll pass on the art since I have my own TP artist-in-residence, but what are you asking for that chair?

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