Friday, October 16, 2009, 8:21 p.m.

This year is Ella's first REAL Halloween. I mean, she was around last year, but she SO.DIDN'T.GET.IT.

This year she might not get the whole Halloween thing, but she does know that she's excited to have a Bee-Bug (translation: Ladybug) costume. That's all that is important right now.

I was so excited to sign Ella up for her first REAL Halloween party at our Gymboree that we attend. It was tonight. We got Ella ready and then Todd and I painted our faces (me: a bee-bug, him: a bee), donned antennae and off we all flew.

Did I mention how excited I was? So was Ella. Here she was at home "flying like a bee-bug" before the party:

Sidebar: You know how your gut tells you something but you just ignore it sometimes hoping that it will go away? When Ella got home from school, my gut was telling me that this was going to be too much for a 20 month old. She was just coming off an ear infection, she still had some sinus drainage, and school then a party made for a long day for a baby.

Remember this gut feeling...

So we get to the party and it was packed.


Ella runs around.


Ella climbs some stuff.


Ella pukes in the middle of the crowded floor. And then pukes again. And then pukes some more.


I sit in the middle of the crowded party and scrub puke off the carpet while everyone watches.


And then Ella feels much better.

Although by then we had been labeled the "H1N1 kid" and we parted the sea of people like Moses wherever we went.

We left early.

On the way out I felt SO DISAPPOINTED. I felt disappointed for her. I felt disappointed for us. I looked at Todd and said, "It's so sad that she felt this way on her first ever Halloween party." To which he replied?

"Yeah, well, sometimes you just have to party 'til you puke. Then it's time to go..."

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Anja said... @ 9:29 PM

oh, so sorry to hear Ella was not feeling so well, and sorry we missed the 'show' ;-) Hope she feels better soon!

Ms.LaDon said... @ 12:10 AM

I am sorry I missed the show too... She won't remeber all the puking. You did well and I would have scheduled the day the same way. Don't feel bad. It's just one in many party til you puke days.

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