Really? This is what we've come to?

In case you haven't heard by now, there's a new energy drink called Blow. Aside from the asinine name suggestive of cocaine (blow is one of the street names for cocaine), it is packaged to clearly represent the drug. Check out the packaging on this product:

It is a white powder.

It comes in a vial.

The best worst part? It comes with a fake credit card -- all mimicking the process of cocaine.

This is NOT OK.

Blow's company (partially under construction) website (which I am NOT going to link to here) even mimics the drug process with "Deal" as one of the menu selections (which takes you to directions on how to become an affiliate to sell your own Blow).

What I'm wondering is when did it become acceptable to market something clearly related to an illegal drug? Why are we standing for this? Don't our children have enough to contend with already?

What's next? A toothbrush shaped like a gun to place in your mouth?

Illinois is already working to remove the product.

Sound off about this parents! Contact your state's attorney general today. To find out your state's attorney general and their contact info, visit the
National Association of Attorneys General.

I want to protect my children, don't you?


L.A. Stylist Mom said... @ 10:54 PM

NFW. I don't even know what to say. *blink*

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