Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We have an old smelly cat.

She has been relegated to my home office space and the back entryway because she is old. And smelly.

Needless to say, my office now often smells smelly. And old.

A few nights ago, my husband comes in with one of those stick (literally) brooms that smells like cinnamon. They put them out around this time every year through Christmas.

I always make fun of them.

So, he SAYS he bought it because it will make my office smell better -- you know, less like an old smelly cat. However, it is nearing Halloween. Somehow, I think this broom had a different message intended for me.

You be the judge:

(FYI-it now smells more like Big Red gum in my office and less like a smelly old cat. This may be more conducive to working. It remains to be seen...)

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Monica aka detroitmommy said... @ 2:06 AM

Lol. well.. it's better than the "wicked witch" t-shirt my husband once bought me for my bday... and my bday is nowhere near Halloween.

I need to get one of these brooms though. I read that cinnamon can chase away spiders.

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