Word of the Day for Monday, February 2, 2009
chaff \chaf\, noun, verb:
1. the stiff strawlike part of grains such as wheat, oats, rye

2. to make good-natured fun of someone
3. worthless material; detritus

Dear AT&T:
Thank you for automatically debiting over $300 from my account after I terminated services on that phone number and closed the account in November 2008. Equally thanking you for admitting the ERROR; however, CREDITING the account within the next 6-8 weeks instead of immediately cutting a check or putting the money BACK into our account really isn't a resolution on a CANCELLED ACCOUNT.

You're welcome for the interest-free loan.

Thank you, too, for sending me an email bill this morning. AGAIN.


A Former AT&T Customer for a Reason


Dear Comcast:

We recently upgraded our services for more money. We greatly appreciate that once we upgraded you (for some reason) cancelled our automatic monthly payment system without our knowledge.

Imagine my surprise when I got up this morning to do email support for my college students and had no Internet access. We appreciate that you put our account on hold instead of just TAKING OUT THE MONEY THAT YOU ALREADY HAD ACCESS TO WITH OUR PRE-APPROVED PREPAID AUTO DEBIT PLAN. It's always fun working with you over customer support for something that should've been a non-issue anyway.

Thanks again for all the love.

Looking for the Candid Camera in My Life Today


Dear Small Business Person:
Before opening your small business, you may want to understand HOW to open a business and WHAT you need to do to open a business. It's really simple to find the information you need in this day and age -- it's called THE INTERNET.
(Try it sometime, you'll like it).

Thank you and GOOD LUCK.

Having a Hard Enough Time Running Her Own Businesses, Let Alone Yours, Too


Dear Wilson Dogs:
If you want to go outside and lick up all the salt ice melt, please vomit while you're outside instead of waiting for the inside of the house.

Had It Up to HERE with Animals


Dear Jackie:
If you are going to put a gift certificate you received for Christmas "away so for safekeeping", you might want to remember where that safe place is.

Your Dumb*ss Alter Ego

Addendum to the day
Dear Book Vendor:
Please explain to me why, after changing my address with you and receiving MULTIPLE shipments, this week is the week that you've decided to start using my old business address, resulting in returned customer shipments?



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