In the flurry of house cleaning to get ready for our Superbowl party, I managed to break, destroy or damage the following things that are (er, were) dear to me:

  1. A piece of pottery that I made with a dear friend. It was a stupid little "monsta" that I made just for fun, but it made me smile thinking of her and the time we spent together at the pottery place every time I looked at it. RIP, Monsta, RIP.
  2. A beautifully framed photograph of Venice (one of our favorite places we've visited).
  3. A crystal ring holder that was given to me as a gift the same day my (now) husband gave me my engagement ring.
  4. My formal antique dining room chair. APPARENTLY you can't throw a wet rag with bleach on it over the back of an antique chair without the bleach eating the stain away and leaving a NICE "foggy" look on the back of the chair just in time for the Superbowl party this weekend and then Ella's first birthday party next weekend.

Go ahead. You can blame me for all this damage and destruction, but I say without a Superbowl none of this would've happened. NONE. OF. IT. Good thing there will be beer and food, because that's the ONLY thing that will make me forget about #4.


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