It's snowing.
And I'm annoyed.

Before the blah-blah-blah starts, I'm FULLY AWARE that I live in a state that is known for snow IN FEBRUARY. However, the recent rain and flooding had washed away much of the snow and tricked me into thinking Spring was coming. The big chunks of ice had even started melting in the water and I saw a couple of freighters sailing the seas again. A sure sign the snow and ice are going.

It's usually not a big deal. I love seasonal changes and even like snow.
To a point.
But, I'm just done.
I'm done being stuck in the house with a baby.
I'm done with boots and coats and melting snow all over my back entryway.
I'm done letting dogs out in freezing cold at 4 a.m.
(Did I mention, I'M DONE?)

It doesn't help that anytime it snows I have to listen to my Texas-born husband complain about how it was NEVER this cold where we used to live (it so was, he's just getting old and can't remember.)(OK, so what's a 20 degree difference some days?) The last time he complained about the cold I said, "HEY! We live here now, ZIP IT! I don't want to hear it anymore."

To make it worse? Pre-baby and pre-budgetary constraints, this is the time of year when Todd and I would hightail it outta here. Riiiiiight about now we'd be sipping yummy umbrella drinks. Perhaps here or here.

I'm blaming my recent downward spiral of snow-hating on reality television - Survivor in Brazil. I don't usually watch it, but I caught the first episode while folding laundry in my bedroom. (BECAUSE WHAT ELSE DO YOU DO AT NIGHT WHEN IT'S SNOWING?) I found myself thinking, "A 4-hour trek in the heat lugging loads of water and supplies doesn't sound THAT bad!"

Now THAT is messed up.
It's definitely cabin fever.


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