I knew I was a genius before, but who knew that my genius had no limits?!?
Get this.
I accidentally did my own micro-sociological study.

Let me give you some background:
On Facebook, there is something called FLAIR. It's an E-version of those round message buttons - you know, like "I'm with Stupid" or "Keep on Truckin'" or "I (heart) Harry Potter". On Facebook, you can send people these Flair buttons and they display on their profile. There are pre-made ones, or you can make your own (I think you see where this is going).

Often to unwind from a stressful day I will "play" on the computer late at night - a game, following up on Facebook, etc. A couple of days ago, in an attempt to unwind from a long day of writing, I made a bunch of my own Flair to send to my husband and friends. (This is what happens when you stay up too late.)

I made one for my husband AND one of our best friends that said, "NO! I do not know what happened to your keys or cell phone!"

Now, if you know anything about me or my blog, you know why I did this. Just refer to any of the previous marriage postings.

Anyway, Facebook gives you the ability to track the statistics on Flair you've made (it's kinda like a popularity contest, only without the Burn Book or worrying about who will ask you to prom). Imagine my surprise when I checked the statistics (a little over 24 hours after I made the Flair) and found this:

Stop Asking Me, I Didn't Lose It! Button
Users: 784
Daily Growth: 248%
Weekly Growth: 45200%
Overall Rank: 87,994

In hundreds of thousands of Flair on Facebook, this Flair is ranked 87,994 with 784 users (in just a little over 1 day) at the time of this posting. This says loads to me:

1. I'm a creative genius.
2. I may have missed my calling.
3. There are lots of p*ssed off wives who want their husbands to STOP ASKING WHERE THEY LEFT THEIR KEYS and/or CELL PHONE. (yes, I'm pretty confident that it's mostly wives sending this Flair to their husbands).

And that, my friends, is how you start your own experiment.

Facebook Flair: The new sociological experiment.

PS-In case you're on Facebook and want the Flair, go here on your account:
And search on "cell phone" and it will bring this flair up in that category


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