Dear Husband:

While I can fully appreciate your show of loyalty, can we please remove the Dallas Stars sweater (IT'S NOT A JERSEY) from the oh-so-cute-and-artsy wire mannequin in our master bathroom? Call me crazy, but I'm really not interested in an homage to hockey in my personal space.
Thank you,
Your Wife


Paul said... @ 6:53 PM

Here's hoping no one gets flattened against the boards with a check in that household.

Maybe, if you don't take it down, you can put some red hearts on it for the weekend.

jabide said... @ 7:34 PM

Your right that isnt a Jersey. Ill send you a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey to replace it :P

Dennis said... @ 9:24 PM

You haven't lived in Dallas for 10 years. Get a wings sweater already.

Dennis said... @ 9:30 PM

I wonder how it would look on Coney Island man?

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