Since Ella's birth I've been really freaky about feeding her organic food. I have to admit, pre-Ella I didn't give a whole lot of thought and understanding to buying organic. Sure I had bought organic before. Sure I had shopped at Farmer's Markets. But I didn't quite understand the significance until I started planning what I was going to put into my child's mouth and body. Not only that - what effect were the things that I fed Ella today going to have on her years from now? Being an adult and making the decision to eat crappy is completely different from being responsible for someone else's health. So, we've always gone organic for Ella.

Until yesterday.

Under a writing deadline, I was in my office, iPod in, and in "the writing zone" (some of you know exactly what I'm talking about) when Todd bursts through the office door. With a loud audible sigh and much drama, I remove the earphones (writers hate to be interrupted when on a role - again, some of you know EXACTLY what I'm talkin' about).

Todd: GUESS WHAT?!?!?
ME: *sigh* What, TODD?
Todd: Ella loves mashed potatoes.
ME: Uh...huh? Wha...?!?!?
Todd: Mashed potatoes! You should see her. She's feeding herself and everything.
ME: Um...you're feeding Ella the non-organic mashed potatoes that you picked up for lunch from KFC?!?
Todd: But she loves them...
Todd: You should see her, she has her little spoon and...
ME: That's fine, Todd. It's on your head if she grows breasts prematurely at the age of 24 months next year.
Todd: *silence*

So anyway, this prompted a trip to Whole Foods - the mecca of all organic. If my baby likes mashed potatoes, then she was going to eat ORGANIC MASHED POTATOES. Even if it was 60 mile round-trip to get her a nice mix of organic food.

Sidebar: Look, I understand going to a Whole Foods might not be a big deal for most of you. However, when you live in a community that is made up of two fast food restaurants and a Kmart, road trip to Whole Foods is the highlight of your week, MAYBE your month. Not to mention that you were spoiled because you used to live a place with cool stores that you frequented OFTEN.

So we shop Whole Foods and $67 later have three bags of organic food to make for my baby (the cost of NOT having premature breasts). On the way back, Todd starts to stress about the late hour and having not prepared for his meeting (of which he has to get up at 4 a.m.). The entire Whole Foods trip all boiled down to one thing:

Todd: That's a pretty long way to go for organic food.
ME: To a store that allows you to have a glass of wine while you grocery shop? There is no limit.

Driving to Whole Foods: $25
Eating Organic: $67
The cost of not having premature breasts? Priceless

Tomorrow: I'll take organic for $1000, Alex.


Anonymous said... @ 10:53 AM

Boys across the world are Boo'ing you right now...

WritRams (AKA: Jackie) said... @ 11:01 AM

Perhaps some girls, too...

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