You know you've missed them. I've had some of you tell me they're your favorite thing on this blog. By now, you are probably giddy with anticipation! Fear no more! More Riveting Marital Conversations (MRMCs) Are BACK (and better than ever!). (OK...maybe not BETTER, but back at least.)

As we watch a bug-infested house on a Flip This House episode:
Todd: OOO! Let's turn it on the HD channel.
ME: Yes, because we definitely need to experience cockroach crap in high-def.

On a cell phone conversation to Todd
ME: So anyway, the guy says...
Drop call. Todd calls back.
ME: SO ANYWAY. What I was saying...
Drop call. Todd calls back.
Todd: Where are you? Why do you keep dropping calls?
ME: Look. I could negotiate NATO agreements with the cell service I have right now. It's obviously you.

Todd *sigh*

Todd: You know. It's really stupid this whole Paczki Day thing. I mean, it is SO NOT pronounced Pooonch-key. Look how it's spelled!
ME: Oh yeah? You're Polish now?
Todd: No. I don't have to be. It's the same stupid thing with Brett Favre. Why is his name pronounced FARRRR-VE anyway? DUMB.
ME: *sigh*

ME: (To Todd while trying to feed Ella whose new thing is NOT eating) I don't understand the drama. She doesn't have to fling her head all around and be so dramatic. (raising voice and gesturing). I mean. WHERE. DOES. SHE. GET.THAT.FROM.ANYWAY?!?!
Todd: ::rolls eyes:: Yeah. I have NO IDEA where that trait comes from...

ME: I can see Ella's 2 front teeth coming in. They look SO BIG.
Todd: They aren't big.
ME: They look like big bucky beaver teeth on her little gums.
Todd: Have you seen your two front teeth? They are a lot bigger than the rest. You have good teeth though, let's hope she gets yours.
ME: Yeah, except my front one. It looks like there's a little hairline crack in it. I might have to get a gold tooth or something.
Todd: We can just get you a grill.
ME: Would it really be a grill? I mean, it's just one tooth.
Todd: Then it would just be a Gr...


christin said... @ 8:05 PM

Hilarious!!! Thanks for letting us be a "fly" on your wall. I am sure the conversations in my marriage are similar. Picture having a husband who really does speak FIVE languages and doesn't "get" the local lingo sometimes. He didn't even know what the saying "jonesing" meant! I am sure we too are a crack up. (no pun intended)

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