So I get this invitation to submit my blog for approval so that I can review items on my blog. I figured, "Hey, I give my crappy opinions for free on my blog, why not get paid for it on occasion?" So I submit my blog FOR APPROVAL.

A few hours later, I get a REJECTION. The stated reason? "The website is a suspected fake."

Yep. That's a quote.


You know, I always knew that my life was way, way out there, but never (in a million years) considered fake.

SPEAKING OF WAY OUT THERE: Who gets a foreclosure notice on their waterside property -- basically a DOCK -- for $18. The same $18 that was supposed to be taken out of our mortgage escrow. The same $18 that we were never alerted was overdue BECAUSE? The township had the wrong address on the waterside property. The same township that told me "It doesn't matter that the address is wrong, it's still in your name" (Uh...whaaa...huh?!?!).

I can't imagine why someone would think I make this crap up...
(Sometimes even I can't believe this is my own life).

Addendum: I was just wondering, do you think THE REJECTION NAZIs think that those links to my THREE BUSINESSES on my blog are FAKE TOO?!?!

(But I'm not bitter...)

I really hate rejection.
In any form.

Addendum to the addendum: I think I'll review the rejection site on my blog. MWAHAHAHAHA...

Final Addendum: I SERIOUSLY need to get out more...


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