Here are the top 10 items you should resist the urge to purchase at the dollar store (no matter how good the bargain *seems*):
10. Hair Color

9. Can of Tuna

8. Packs of Koolaid that have crystallized into a block

7. Baby Food

6. Happy 40th Birthday card for your 39 year old friend (I know, I know, it was on sale)

5. Art for your walls

4. GIFTS (for anyone, of any kind)

3. Milk

2. Pregnancy Test

And the #1 thing you should NEVER buy at the dollar store?


Michelle said... @ 12:23 PM

Ooh, yeah. I laughed too at the $1 preg test, but never saw the condoms there. Yikes!

Oh but it is lots of fun to give your kid some stripper ones (hehe) and let her buy Christmas gifts. It's funny to see what they pick out. And I TOTALLY give those to people . . . of course, they get real gifts too and her name is on the tag. That makes it excusable, right?

WritRams (AKA: Jackie) said... @ 12:27 PM

It's ALWAYS good when you can blame things on the kids ;o)

Actually, the past few years, we've been doing stockings with "gag" gifts from the dollar store. It ends up being more fun than the REAL presents (I mean, nothing like seeing your 60-something mom wearing her hula skirt and coconut bra over her shirt!).

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