1. I won't let the majority of the customer service employees (working the front) off for lunch around the noonish hour so that at the busiest time (uh, when everyone else is taking their lunch break and running errands...HELLLOOOO) there is only 1 "teller" working the counter.

2. I will insure that customer packages aren't accidentally mailed back to the sender. Even though the ship to address was highlighted. With SHIP TO in capital letters written above the recipient address. And a box was drawn around the entire shipping address.

3. If someone prints a PREPAID shipping label at 10 p.m. one night and then brings it into the post office for shipping the next morning, I won't tell them "OH sorry. We can't accept this label because it wasn't used on the date it was printed." (UH HELLLOOOOO...does this mean that I have to use all the stamps the day I pay for them?)

4. I won't let the scary woman who smokes 17 packs of cigarettes a day eat Dum Dum suckers while trying to assist customers. (Come to think of it, I won't let her assist customers AT ALL).

5. I won't let the manager (or whatever she is) peek around the corner from her desk when there are LOOOONG LOOONG LINES to announce, 'Anyone here to pick up an accountable piece of mail or drop off?' and when no one answers just go sit down again. I WILL CROSS TRAIN my manager to work one of the THREE EMPTY TERMINALS so that she can, uh, ASSIST when all the other (save one) customer service reps are at lunch.

There is no substitute.


Dennis said... @ 8:42 AM

While you are at it, can you also do something about closing and 4:30. God I hate that.

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