Last week my parents visited and they brought my 3-year-old niece. What a trip (and, I think, a little insight into what Ella will be like in a few short years). Anyway, I learned some life lessons worth sharing while she was here.

Life Lesson #1:
Stop trying so hard. No matter how old you get, there are still people who don't like you and there's nothing you can do about it.

Niece: *out of the blue* I don't like you.
Me: Really? That's sad. I like you.
Me: As a matter of fact, I love you.
Niece: Well. I don't like you.

Life Lesson #2:
There are always people to do your dirty work.

*As we were playing catch with the dog*
Niece: Hey, how about if you be the thrower and I be the getter?

Life Lesson #3:
If you think you're good, you can always be better.

Me: *caressing my niece's little hand* Wow. Your hands are soooooo soft.
Niece: Yours aren't!

Life Lesson #4:
Sometimes you just need a break (no matter the consequence).

Me: What did you and Mammaw and Ella do today?
Niece: Me and Mammaw went upstairs and left Ella down here.
Me: OH REALLY? Where did you leave her?
Niece: We left her just like this *runs over to the couch and flops face down on the pillows*
Me: Huh. How'd that work out for everyone?
Niece: Good.

Disclaimer: I have to say this (so my mom doesn't have a heart attack) - this never happened. It was the woven tale of a 3-year-old imagination.

Life Lesson #5:
You might think you're cool, but everyone else thinks you're a dork.

Me: *making Ella's oatmeal* Do you want to hear the oatmeal song I sing to Ella?
Niece: Sure.

Me: Oatmeal, oatmeal, who wants schmoatmeal. Does Ella want some schmoatmeal?
Me: Every morning that's the oatmeal song I sing to Ella.
Niece: *wrinkles nose in disgust* WHY?!?


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