• Apparently, people don't mind to video chat in public.

  • If you inadvertantly make eye contact with someone, they will spend 20 minutes talking to you about the wonders of technology.

  • There are still men who will make comments like, "Thank GOD I have a wife to take care of THAT!" when they hear a baby crying (NO it wasn't mine -- husband nor baby).

  • If you're a 60-something balding man, you might need to have a phone discussion to learn how to download MP3s.

  • The very nice "challenged" guy that works at Panera is a huge flirt (but he'll get you soft drink refills without you having to get up if you flirt back).

  • If you turn off all your social networking sites, you get a great deal accomplished.

  • Panera Sierra Turkey sandwiches are capital-A AWESOME!


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