Something interesting always happens to me at the pediatrician's office (and you know how much I love going to the germ incubator).
Today was no different.

Blah*blah*blah* Ella has "baby measles", but that wasn't the important part. The important part was that I dressed her way cute in a short sleeve grey, pink and white dress with a pink long sleeve shirt under. Cute enough, right? But then add (get this) Pink Baby Uggs.

And someone noticed.


(Recently my oldest stepdaughter and I exchanged the following:
ME: Can you believe I took Ella out all cute in her Baby Uggs and no one commented? I mean, how can NO ONE mention cute baby Uggs?
HER: WHAAT?!?! No Way.
ME: I know, RIIIIIGHT?!?!)

The Pediatrician was the one to notice. And she went on and on and on about Ella's Baby Uggs.
And all was good in the world.

However, that wasn't the strange thing that happened today.

In my post-proud parenting moment, I had to tinkle. So on the way out I hit the office's restroom. I immediately noticed new signage added to the back of the door:

If you need assistance, please yell for help.

HM. Not only was the sign interesting, but it had me wondering what exactly caused the creation of such a sign. And really? If you're in the restroom and were in that dire need of assistance, what else would you do?
Maybe I'll ask next time.


Danko Ramone said... @ 9:12 PM

If they were pink baby Uggs, did they have small pink fuzzy testicle-things dangling from them too?

WritRams (AKA: Jackie) said... @ 10:51 PM

No testicle-dangling things on the UGGs, but perhaps that's why the other people were yelling for assistance from the bathroom?!?

Boogsy*Baby said... @ 7:47 PM

For the love of GOD, you've taken her in public before and NOT a SOUL has noticed the pink UGGs? Only in the "thumb"......

I certainly hope you will have those things tested for lead content........


WritRams (AKA: Jackie) said... @ 8:44 AM

@Boogsy*Baby: Thank GOODNESS they were in place BEFORE the February lead testing deadline ;o)

And, btw, not to be snobby - but I'm really not sure that the general population here even knows what UGGS are :o\ (Of course, I didn't know what Carhartt was when I moved here. And I'm still quite proud of that...)

Danko Ramone said... @ 1:46 AM

I've had people suggest I buy a carhartt jacket when they've heard me complain about the cold, as they inform me, uniformly, that "they're really warm."

I just beg off, and no...no...and think to myself "because I'm not a farmer."

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