I've written before how self-righteous you can be when you don't have kids. It's so easy to watch others and pass judgement like, "Oh No She DIDN'T! There's NO WAY my kids would be able to do that."

Well, that was then, this is now:

THEN: I will never let my baby watch television.
NOW: Let's face it, my baby logs so much television/DVD time that Michael Moore is soon going to do one of those documentaries about us. (I "justify" it by only letting her watch educational programs where I feel like I'm pumping her little brain to maximum learning capacity).

THEN: I wouldn't shop second-hand shops for my baby.
NOW: Be very, very careful what you say. With lay-offs, business closing, and tough economy, we've nicknamed our child GSB (Garage Sale Baby). Betcha can't tell what's second-hand* in her oh-so-cute nursery, can you?

That's what I thought...

THEN: I would never let our kid sleep with us. I mean, why start that bad habit. It's the parents' fault when they can't get their kids to sleep in their own room and then complain about it!
NOW: Yeah, this was a BIG ONE for me (*ahem* so I thought). We really didn't start this habit until a couple of months ago (around 8 months old) and my mom kept saying, "But I bet she's SO COLD in that crib near the floor. Your bedroom stays SO COLD!" and she guilted us into it. NOW? She sleeps in our bed and (no shock) it's a
total nightmare trying to transition her to her own room. It's my own fault. You can say I TOLD YOU SO, but I don't regret having that bonding time with her the past couple of months (I do regret loss of sleep, however). (And I can hear all the audible *gasps* from you self-righteous OH NO SHE DIDN'T people. Yes I did. Get over it.).

THEN: Why does one parent have to sit in the back with the baby? It's stupid to sit in back all the time.
NOW: Let's just say my husband has been Driving Miss Daisy for almost 1 year now.

THEN: I don't understand why parents can't just have an evening out. I mean, what's the big deal?
NOW: It was hard for me to go out unless it was our part-time nanny watching her. One night, we were going to a concert and had set up another babysitter. I bailed last minute. When our friend asked why I said, "What if a meteor hits the house?!?"

THEN: If they would put their kid on a regular schedule then they wouldn't have *those* problems.
NOW: I'm still a big fan of the schedule AND still think kids work better on them. HOWEVER, schedules are NOT the end all be all like I thought. Things just HAPPEN with kids and they really don't fit into your schedule. PERIOD. (And it totally sucks).

THEN: She's home all the time with the baby, why wouldn't she have time to do (XYZ).
NOW: I'm getting paid back BIG TIME for this one. The whole baby thing? THE.MOST.TIME-CONSUMING.THING.EVER. Try running businesses from home, keeping up a house, running around after a baby, letting the dogs out 7,210 times a day all the while 2 cats are meowing something accusatory at you. It sucks. I'm just glad that I'm not required to wear those June Cleaver dresses with pearls and have my hair done. (How DID they do it, anyway?!?!).

THEN: I hate when parents lick their finger and rub dirt (or something) off of their kid's face. HELLOOOO TISSUE?!?!
Now: Well, yeah, let me tell you this -- when there's something all over your wiggly child's face and you're heading out the door (of which it took you 2 hours to get ready to JUST that point), you're not going back in for anything. NOT EVEN A WET RAG TO WASH YOUR KID'S FACE (in that case, a sufficiently salivated finger works JUST FINE).

THEN: My baby won't be a picky eater. She won't have the choice. She'll eat what I feed her and like it.

Let the judgements begin.

*it's the refinished changing table, btw...


Danko Ramone said... @ 8:05 PM

one of those "no second hand clothing for MY baby" types. Not that I cared about branding or labels or any of that crap - in fact, I prefer my son NOT get addicted to status symbols - but because I just wanted the best for him, at least new stuff.

Then his momster and I saw how quickly he grew. How quickly he grew out of clothing, sometimes, before even wearing the clothes.

Yeah, second hand clothes worked their way into his wardrobe really quickly.

Michelle said... @ 3:43 PM

Holy cow, I love that nursery!!!!

No comment on the rest of the list.
I plead the fifth.

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