At the grocery store tonight, I get in line behind 2 women unloading their one cart together. I'm holding Ella and navigating my cart with one hand and one of the women says, "OH! So this is the little screamer I heard earlier."


ME: "Yeah, girlfriend has some lungs. She really doesn't like to be in her car seat..."
Her: "Well, I guess she got EXACTLY what she wanted then, didn't she? She's being held..."
*insert oppressive judgment here*

You know, never mind that you are judging me for a baby that has been sick since Saturday.
Never mind that she has projectile vomited for the last 3 days and can't keep anything down.
Never mind that when she sits at the smallest reclining position it's completely uncomfortable for her because of her serious reflux.
Never mind that she's had such bad diarrhea for the last 24 hours that it soaks through a diaper and 2 layers of clothes.
Never mind that I've had to sleep with her on my chest sitting up in a chair for the past two nights so that she doesn't vomit every 10 minutes.
Never mind that I had to change me twice and her once this morning due to the volume of her projectile vomiting.
Never mind that even though she's sick, I still have to schlep her around in public to get everything done that needs to be done.

Never mind that you are a lesbian couple looking down on me for my parenting skills.

But no judgment...


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