Having a baby takes up some time.
A LOT of time.

I'm no idiot, I knew BEFORE the baby that babies take up a lot of time. I just had no idea how much time. Where the time goes during the day/night is completely mind boggling.

I own a bookstore, but there's no time for reading.
I freelance to make money, but there's no time to bid for jobs that I won't have time to work on anyway (despite the fact that we desperately need the money).
Answer personal emails? Sorry, it just ain't happenin' right now (nothing personal to any of you!).
Update my websites. I don't think so.
Work on my fiction mystery novel? I don't even remember what the file is named.
Write on my blog? HA!
I need to eat right and work out, but WHEN?

Heck, I just now had time to do this (almost 9 weeks after she was born):

OK, out of all fairness, I barely did any of this. Todd and my friend Marilynn painted. Todd put together all the stuff and organized the room. Heck, he even organized the clothing by months (yes, anal retentive is not the word(s) for my husband). I did place that cute green monkey on the little bench and put the diapers in that pink basket on the changing table...

WAIT! And I DID do this (the cute dots to match the bedding):

(notice how little is actually done?!? It'll probably still be that way when she says, "But MOM! I want my room to be *insert latest Hannah Montanna craze*!")

And, oh yeah, I did order that awesome bedding from online.

(Before I get hate mail about how she's not supposed to sleep with anything in her crib, let me just say SHE DOESN'T EVEN SLEEP IN THIS ROOM YET).

Know what I do have a lot of time to do?
WATCH T.V.! (something I barely did before the baby)

When you are up at all hours with an acid reflux baby who wants to be held A LOT, the only thing to do is watch T.V.
I'll save the details about the love affair I've developed with Anthony Bourdain for another post... (it's OK, my husband knows...)


Cara said... @ 7:38 AM

One of the best things for a new mom of a nocturnal baby is the TiVo or DVR. I record all my favorite stuff and watch when up during the wee hours (which is going to start again).
Congrats on getting the nursery done.

Michelle said... @ 1:09 PM

LOVE the nursery!

I second the TiVo suggestion, but since we don't have it, I've succumbed to watching every sick VH1 reality show in reruns. I'd say maybe it comes with the name "Ella" but the new baby is all refluxy here too. There's a definite love/hate relationship with having to hold the baby to sleep upright ALL the time. I hope things ease up soon for you.

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