I guess it's no surprise that my husband and I ended up with a high maintenance baby. (For those of you who know us, I'll give you a moment or two to regain your composure from laughing...)

I mean, my ADD husband goes 100 miles an hour at all times of the day and night and I'm pretty HM myself most of the time. But who knew that my baby would start to exhibit this behavior as early as 4 weeks?

My baby gets completely bored. How do I know this? She unmistakably raises one eyebrow, sighs a really loud (unmistakably) bored sigh. This is the sign that you have about 34.2 seconds to 1) either entertain her, or 2) move her to another location so she can entertain herself before all hell breaks loose in the form of what I call the "screaming bloody murder" cry.

I looked at Todd a few days ago and said, "Do you think she has ADD?" (I mean, let's face it honey, she would take it naturally). This sparked an interesting discussion about the pros/cons of "Labeling" your kid.

Before Ella was born, Todd and I had a discussion about how we were both really driven with high expectations and how we both needed to be careful about setting these expectations for our kid and instead let her be who she wants to be. We've probably made some mistakes in the past with the other 2 girls (my stepdaughters are 15 and 19). We should probably learn from that, right?

Anyway, it scared me that I may be labeling my daughter already. I'm sure it's human nature, but how do you let your kids be who they want to be without pushing all your learned behavior BS on them?


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