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I love Dog the Bounty Hunter. Well, not Dog himself, but his TV show on A&E. (However, there might be a little, teeny, tiny bit of lust for his son Leland, but I certainly wouldn't call it LOVE...)

I'm not quite sure why I like the show (of which I ponder almost nightly when I am asked this question by my husband while watching 4 Dog re-runs each week night. Hey, don't blame a girl, it just happens to be on while I'm settling down for my nighty-nighty. What else am I supposed to watch while falling asleep?!?). Anyway, I really don't know why I like the show so much. He often comes across almost (but not quite) illiterate with his poor grammar. And, I certainly hate mullets, especially on 50-year old men. And there's a weird mish-mash of family dynamic with his extra ample-bossomed wife and 87 kids from different baby mammas. However, you just gotta love someone who kicks a** one minute and then prays with said person that just received a beat down the next. Bless his stringy little mullet head.

Haven't seen it? Oh, seriously, you gotta watch it. It's just plain good TV. I mean, what else do you have to watch? The latest episode of My Super Sweet 16 on MTV?

If you are a fan of South Park** then you'll love their Dog the Bounty Hunter spoof.

Next time: Katie and Peter (shame on you if you don't know who they are...)

**In full disclosure, I must tell you that I've never watched an episode of South Park. I do know who they are and ran across the Dog spoof on You Tube one day (shut up).

Addendum: I really don't yell out at my husband, "STOP IT! You're not singing it right and you're ruining it for me!" everytime he tries to sing the Dog theme song. (I mean, how hard is it say Hunta at the end instead of Hunterrrrr *sheesh*)