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I was watching Inside Edition and they were talking about Owen Wilson's alleged suicide attempt. The reporter actually said this (yes, I am quoting directly. I ran to my laptop to log it so I would get it exactly right):

"He’s in an exclusive area of Cedar’s Sinai called “The Celebrity Area.” An area with larger rooms...called SUITES."

What is this SUITE of which they speak?!?! Maybe someday us little people will get to experience this elusive room type apparently saved only for celebrities?!?! Yes! Yes! Some day Dorothy, some day over the rainbow, you can actually stay in a SUITE.

WOW. Perhaps next time the guy can speak slowly, nodding his head - maybe spelling out some words. Or, maybe one of those white graphic on-screen pens that John Madden uses would be useful in helping us peons understand EXACTLY what a suite is.