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In case you missed the not so subtle evidence in this post, I'm pregnant. (DON'T YELL AT ME IF I HAVEN'T TOLD YOU YET - hey, it's just barely sinking in for me! That's right boys and girls, I'll have a toddler when I'm the big 4-0...)


Sorry. I passed out on my keyboard for a sec.

Anyway, I just want to say that all those cute pregnant people you see on TV? They're all LIARS with a big capital "L".

TV MOM-to-BE: Happy, smiley, beautiful, perfect hair and wardrobe without nary a sign of morning sickness or mood swings. TV moms-to-be look like this:

See how happy and cute and trendy and beautiful she is? See how perfect her hair is? Well, it's ALL A LIE! In case you don't know, I'll set the record straight for how it really is.

REAL Moms-to-Be: Bloated with non-stop heartburn, mood swings and ALL DAY "morning" sickness, with gray hair bleeding through because they can't get their hair colored and highlighted for 3 months without a choice of ANYTHING cute to wear. Real moms-to-be look something like this:

Note the poor choice in clothing because THERE ARE NO CUTE PREGNANCY CLOTHES

(OK, so that's really Mama Cass and I don't think she was pregnant, but you get the point.)