What is all this crap new and improved cool stuff to your blog, you ask? Well, I've been thinking. The site is called WRITER ramblings. Seeing how I never really talk about my writing or about books, I thought I would start doing something semi-literary. Namely? Letting you know what I'm reading - see "Current Reads" in the sidebar and also cool books that I recommend (uh, see above). I'll change the recommended reads regularly probably rarely but at least they are there now on occasion, and probably the current reads even less. (Please, no comments about how slow I'm reading right now. Hellloooo, I do have a 6 month old, you know).

Also, you will see a regular a posting when I feel like it after some margaritas an occasional book review. But don't expect your current bestsellers. RARELY do I read what everyone else is reading. *shudder to conformity* But, you might find some interesting reviews/recommendations anyway (or not).

Anyway, it's just what I was thinking tonight.
It will probably all change tomorrow with the light of day (but you can't blame a girl for trying).


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