We rent the building our bookstore is in. A couple of weeks ago we get a stereotypical the-sky-is-falling-oh-my-gawd-what-are-you-going-to-do-about-this phone call from The Wife part of the landlord team who informs us that they had a $4000-dollar water bill last month.

Uh. HUH!?!?

We have a 2-story building, of which we only use the downstairs right now.
We have 1 bathroom (that barely anyone but me uses).
We have a sink downstairs. I use it to rinse the coffee pot out.
And, we are only open 3 days per week right now (because of Ella).

So, she's trying to tell us that we owe her for a $4000/month water bill. Uh. No. I don't think so.

Todd gets the REAL story from The Husband - it was really $400 NOT $4000 (gee, hm, big difference). OK, that's still a lot for what we do here. So, they were going to send the city out to check our meter and in the meantime they want to check the inside to insure that, uh, I don't know?

  1. We aren't using our faucet to get the water level up in the river out front, and/or
  2. We aren't using our storefront as a bootleg to sell superior American water to the Canadians who come across on the ferry?

Anyway, they want to check out the inside. TODAY.

So I come in this morning and fill up a bucket to water the poor wilting flowers out front. I set the bucket on the floor to fill up the next jug (heh heh "jug") and I look down and there is a flood of water all over the floor.


Of course this would happen today of all days. Does it look conspicuous to have an entire bucket of wet rags on the day that, "No Mrs. Cleaver, we don't have a water problem" is coming?


Addendum: BTW...the water came from a hole in my bucket (in case you didn't figure that out) and NOT any water problems or issues at the store.
Of any kind.
In any way.


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