A few weeks after Ella was born, my mom and dad were up. I had gone out for something exotic (like groceries, I'm sure) and my parents were at home with Ella. Upon my arrival back home, I went into my home office to check my email. Much to my surprise, my computer desktop looked like this:

Yep-upside down.

Now, there were two things I knew:
1. I didn't put my computer desktop like that, and
2. I hadn't been drinking (seeing how I hadn't had a drink in many months and was breast feeding).

When my dad came in I said, "Ha, ha, dad, very funny." My dad is pretty computer savvy and I had assumed he had done this little "trick" as a joke.

His response?
"Uh, I've never seen that before in my life."

Well, APPARENTLY, Ninja Cocaine Kitty (who likes to lay on my keyboard and/or fling himself off of my keyboard to gain height and speed for his next ninja move), hit some series of keys that turned my desktop upside down. (Yeah, great idea right? A set of keystrokes that turns your screen upside down...)
Since then, he's done other minor "damages" - changing the resolution on the screen, opening a WORD document and then saving it, renaming files, and on and on...

If you're wondering what the PC key strokes are (and/or want to play this little fun nugget with your family and friends), the Windows key strokes are CTRL, ALT, and down arrow (all at the same time). (To get your screen upright again, just do the same except with the up arrow).

Now, Go forth and play tricks. Just email me to let me know the reactions of the people you play the trick on...


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