A regular customer came in the bookstore today. She had her cute little granddaughter with her. She just turned five. Not only did she get a Barbie car, but she also got a Barbie Cake. When the customer told me this I had a flood of memories and disappointment rush over me.

I never got a Barbie cake.
And I wanted a Barbie cake.
I asked for a Barbie cake growing up.
But I never got a Barbie cake.
Jodie (a girl I grew up with) got a great Barbie cake.
I asked for a Barbie cake for my birthday after that, but I never got one.
And, yes, I'm still bitter.

On occasion, I bring up the Barbie cake neglect to Todd. So much so that sometimes when I'm complaining about something (besides NOT getting a Barbie cake), he'll say, "Yeah, yeah. I know. You never got a Barbie cake."

When I was pregnant, I saw a Barbie cake at the grocery store. There she was, sitting on top of the bakery counter in her own little clear plastic protective box, as beautiful as ever. I knew this was my chance and I shrieked, "A BARBIE CAKE! I want a Barbie cake when I have my baby!!" Fully understanding and knowing the importance of THE BARBIE CAKE, I just KNEW my sensitive husband would remember and get me a Barbie cake to celebrate Ella's birth. Five months later? Still waiting for that Barbie cake...

For those of you who have NO IDEA what a Barbie cake is, you must now leave my blog...

Still here? *sigh* OK. A Barbie Cake is a Barbie doll stuck in a cake to look like the cake part is the bottom of her big ball gown. A Barbie cake looks like this:


Anyway, my bookstore customer today told me that she had a Barbie cake when she was a child. She reminded me that most Barbie cakes had only "faux" Barbies - that is the doll part had no legs (it was just a Barbie upper torso on a stick).

That's not how I remember it. Jodie's Barbie cake had a REAL, FULL SIZE Barbie. Know how I know? I GOT TO PLAY WITH THE BARBIE WHEN I NEVER RECEIVED MY OWN BARBIE CAKE.


So, I'm here today to officially announce the unofficial title of my memoir:

I Never Got a Barbie Cake (and Other Childhood Deprivations That Made Me Who I Am Today).

I'm totally serious. So don't steal it (HELLLOOOOO COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL).

Did I mention I never got a Barbie cake?!?!


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