An update on Ninja Cocaine Kitty is so long overdue that it will be a multi-posting update.

Part 1: Ninja Cocaine Kitty and Ice Hockey

First off, I would love to tell you that Ninja Cocaine Kitty (NCK) has cooled his Ninja Cocaine spastic ways and settled into a nice, calm, loving cat. But that would just be be a lie. There might not be a bigger lie on the face of the earth. So, we'll just say NCK is continuing his Ninja Cocaine Kitty ways.

Case #1 - The Ice.

NCK is obsessed with ice. I don't mean just interested. I mean utterly and completely obsessed. It's so bad that he doesn't even have to hear you getting ice out of the refrigerator door, he can just hear you opening the cabinet to get the glass that you are taking over to get ice out of the freezer and he will fly through the house to fling himself at you in the best Ninja kitty move. Once he arrives, he awaits, crouched expectantly, for you to throw an ice cube in his direction. Sometimes he jumps up to catch it (this cat has some mad jumping skills), but mostly he just waits for it to hit the floor so he can ice hockey it all over the house, eventually leaving it to melt in a puddle where I can later step in it and think it's kitty pee or pet puke of some kind.

A couple of months ago, Todd said, "Guess where I found Freddie [aka: Ninja Cocaine Kitty] today?" With him, it's pretty much a toss up, so I shrugged unceremoniously.

"Hanging from the ice dispenser on the refrigerator door trying to get his own ice," Todd said in awe.

"Do you think he was trying to make me a margarita?" I replied. (...because it seemed the only reasonable response).


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