You really don't understand the importance of public restrooms until you have a child. At least I didn't. ESPECIALLY a baby. If there isn't one of those flip down diaper changer thingies, then fahgetaboutit. (It's hard enough for my germaphobe mind to put her on one of those flip down things let alone a public restroom floor *shudder*).

That said, get this...
I'm out today at a popular, well-known, department-like store. They have a big sign over the exit door for a FAMILY RESTROOM.

So, I take Ella's seat off the cart, leave my items, exit the building to the vestibule area, and go into the FAMILY RESTROOM. Imagine my surprise when I find that the FAMILY RESTROOM is just a large, one person restroom WITH NO FLIP DOWN DIAPER CHANGER THINGY.

Now I axe you, what made this a FAMILY RESTROOM?
I mean, WTF?!?!


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