AKA: How NOT to Do Baby Einstein Flash Cards

Ella has Baby Einstein flash cards. If you don't know what they are, they are laminated flash cards with colorful photographs of different items that a baby may (or may not) find interesting. On the back, they give you "triggers" to ask the kids and also pronounciations for the word in different languages.

Ella has a particular affinity for the STAR and the COW. I was showing them to her a few nights ago and I was pronouncing the two words in Spanish (following, of course, the pronounciation guide on the back of the cards). Todd takes them from me and goes through all the different lanuage pronounciations for the star (In French this is .... In Spanish this is...) and then he says, "And THIS? This is a ROCK STAR!" and he starts playing air guitar for Ella.

Then he takes the cow card and goes through all the pronounciations. When he finishes he says, "And in Texas? This is called STEAK."

Spoken like a true native Texan...


Aimeepalooza said... @ 9:51 AM

That's funny! And when she does it in public, by pointing to a cow and yelling steak...everyone will know! And believe me, it will happen in many different forms. some will be cute ha ha and some will embarrass the heck out of you.

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