Ella turned 16 today.
16 Weeks.

Before going off to work, I sat her down and had a serious discussion with her about how now that she is 16 she needs to start pulling her own weight.

You know, like getting a driver's license and getting a job.

It seemed like the responsible parenting thing to do.

In true "I just turned 16 and I'm a princess and you're not the boss of me" fashion, she instead decided to take up a bad habit:

I think it had something to do with us not having a party for her and not being featured on MTVs My Super Sweet Sixteen. This is only speculation on my part, of course, since she's not speaking to me...


Cara said... @ 7:07 AM

I love the look on her face, the I am not listening to you look.

Michelle said... @ 9:16 AM

Happy 16, Ella! What a cutie.

Oh, and in regards to the next post . . . I can't wear headbands either due to my jinormous head.

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