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I'm pretty bitter this week. If you wonder why, just read the previous posting. That and it's been a generally annoying people kind of week.

There are a group of men (no, this isn't a "man hater" post, I'm just stating fact) who find it difficult to understand that a woman can own a business. And, if they do understand, it's obvious that they believe there is no way that a woman can know how to run a successful business - at which point they start to talk down to me and speaking very slowly, as if I'm blond and/or lip reading or both (maybe those new highlights weren't such a great idea). I refer to this as the "patting on the head" theory. You know, like "ahhhh, there, there, don't worry your pretty little head about this big ole scary business stuff." I was lucky enough to experience the "patting on the head" theory not once but TWICE this week alone. (YAY ME!) The first experience was pretty mundane:

Male Chauvenist Pig #1 (MCP #1): I need to speak to the owner.
ME: That's me.
MCP #1: (look of surprise) OH...

Now I ax you, why would his first assumption be that I was not the owner? Could it be the pigtails I was sporting with the red ribbons wrapped around each one? The micro-mini skirt with the 6-inch stilleto-heeled vinyl thigh-high boots? The Mickey Mouse lollipop as big as my face? The "How to be a Teenage Girl in 2006" I was reading? OF COURSE NOT BECAUSE NONE OF THOSE THINGS WERE HAPPENING. It just so happened that he assumed that I wasn't the owner because I have boobs and, er, a vag... well, you get the point. Let's move on to case #2. Here's some background:

MCP#2 leaves a free publication in our bookstore. I'm not really crazy about it - it has some alternative stuff that I'm not really into, but whatever. He brings in the new monthly publication today.

MCP#2: I usually talk to your husband.
ME: Huh.
MCP#2: We can print free blurbs in the publication if you have writers in, etc.
ME: Yeah, we have one coming up soon. Can I have your card?
MCP#2: (very frustrated) I gave it to your husband.
ME: (disbelief) There are a million people that come in here everyday. I would like your card.
MCP#2: (grumbles) I guess I can go to the car and get another one.
ME: *blink*blink*blink*
(MCP#2 returns from car, unfortunately)
MCP#2: What do you want to be known for?
ME: Excuse me? (by now I've lost interest and I'm working on the computer and not even looking at him)
SIDE NOTE: Notice head patting theory demonstrated above.
ME: Uh, books?
MCP#2: No, you have to be known for something.
ME: Yeah, books.
MCP#2: (extremely frustrated and speaking very slowly): You know. Some places want to be known for comic books.
ME: We're not a comic book store, we're a book store. *blink*blink*blink*
MCP#2: (frustrated and changes subject) We have a special advertising...
ME: (cuts him off) yeah, my husband told me about it.
ME: Yeah, well, we won't be advertising with you.
MCP#2: (slides publication across counter) Have a nice day. (abruptly leaves)
ME: *throws away 15 free publications left in my store and shreds his business card*

Heh, heh, heh, being the boss is such sweet revenge, even when you're a woman.