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We have used books at our store. This means that they undergo a rigorous cleaning process (namely, me picking off the old price tags with the nub of a fingernail I have left). I always find interesting stuff in the books that people trade in: old bookmarks, postcards, love letters, etc. The most interesting one came today.

(The book was from 1978, which will give you some frame of reference.)

There was a coupon:

"Back-to-school valuable coupon. New Super Plus 10's Tampax Tampons for .49 - originally .59 - limit 1 with coupon."

Now - the "back-to-school" part was funny enough. When I was in the back-to-school mode, I never remember saying to my parents, "I need four red folders, those Jordache jeans and a box of tampons."

The best part? This coupon for tampons was being used as a bookmark in a book called I'm Eve - the autobiography of the woman who had 22 different personalities!

Got a really good chuckle out of that irony. For some reason I'm really craving chocolate right now...