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Every year we have a "friends" Thanksgiving - all of our friends come to our house as to avoid the "Aunt Mary's" of the world commenting on weight gain, relationship or job status, and/or to avoid being asked, yet again, if you are having any kids.

ANYWAY, My friend Kia (nickname used here to protect individual and preserve sanctity of friendship) already made her flight plans. Apparently, she had put me on the email list from the airline to receive a copy of her itinerary. In the comments section she wrote, "your official pie maker will be there for Thanksgiving." I immediately hit reply and then proceeded to express genuine excitement about her visit. I closed the email with a ususal sarcastic comment. This one just happened to be: "Heh, heh...you said 'pie'."

Here is the message I received the next morning...

...from NORTHWEST AIRLINES (yep, I had replied to the airline and not to my friend with the 'pie' comment):

"Thank you for contacting Northwest Airline's customer service department. We believe that you have replied to us in error. Please do not reply to this email again. If you wish to contact customer service about an airline issue, please do so at..."

Hm...I guess they really don't have a sense of humor (or, maybe they were just upset that they weren't invited to Thanksgiving for said pie).