Thursday, April 8, 2010

I have an admission. I actually own this movie.

OK, in the fairness of full disclosure, I don't own it, but I have it in my possession (and, as you know, that is 9/10).

But, I'm getting ahead of myself.

A couple of years ago (B.E., before Ella), my husband, our friend Dennis and I  were watching a documentary on the snakehead fish that invaded the Virginia/Maryland/D.C. area when we lived there.

If you don't know anything about snakehead fish:

1. They're ugly.
2. They can destroy an ecosystem.
3. They can "walk" outside of water. (WAY.)

According to that always reliable (and true!) source, Wikipedia:

Out of the water Snakeheads rhythmically move their fins and muscular bodies back and forth: the fish equivalent of walking.
Yeah. Way.

Anyway, back to the good stuff...

So, in the middle of this very serious documentary, there were multiple scenes from a movie called, Swarm of the Snakehead--Part Fish, Part Snake, Pure Evil.

For your viewing pleasure:

So, we did what any self-respecting, documentary-loving friends would do:
We promptly bought this B horror flick for our friend Dennis as a Christmas present. (It was hard to top the Hula Dashboard dancer, but I think this did the trick.)

And then we watched it with Dennis.
The entire thing.
And every 10 minutes within the movie it flashed the message, "For review purposes only."
I paid $24.95 plus shipping for this movie.
Something didn't *seem* right.

After the movie, our friend Dennis *forgot* his amazing gift at our house.
That was two years ago.

Which brings me to present day.

I ran across the DVD the other day and wondered, "What happened to Swarm of the Snakehead?" Hard to believe that it didn't make it to the movie theater. It would be FAB-U-LOUS as an IMAX 3-D presentation.

So...where is Swarm?
I had to do research.
I went to the website where I purchased the movie and here's what I got.


I knew I should've bought a Tshirt when I had the chance.

Luckily, some refrigerator magnets are still available.
In the U.K.

Trust me, this isn't the last you've heard.
I will find out what happened.
And, I will post it here.
Because I know that's what you'd want.

P.S. Here's how the Chinese like their Snakehead fish...stuffed with Thai herbs...
(heh heh)

*Names have been changed in this posting to protect the (not so) innocent person who shunned our nice gift.
**OK, I lied. There were NO NAME CHANGES. It really was DENNIS.


. said... @ 6:10 PM

What a cool post! Thanks so much for thinking of our film. We're actually in the process of releasing a new edit of the film this summer. The copy you watched was an early screener we sent to distributors and reviewers awhile back. Not sure how you bought a copy but $24.95 sounds like a lot more than we ever charged for the few copies we sold to people who requested them. When we finish the new version I'll make sure to send you free copy for review! Take care and watch out for the fish that walk on land!

WritRams said... @ 6:44 PM


Dennis said... @ 2:35 PM

How funny!! Where is the picture of me from the next day with the the "For review purposes only" piece of paper?

There is no way that we watched this movie two years ago. We waited until Ella was in bed before we watched it.

Oh! And give me my movie back!!

Tawni said... @ 9:33 PM

...must be a Chinese restaurant in town...

And you forgot to mention Dennis' inability to stop giggling like a schoolgirl during the "really good" parts. :)

. said... @ 1:45 PM

:-) Ask away!

WritRams said... @ 2:04 PM

Can I email you? I would like to do a separate blog posting with your interview. If you're up for it, feel free to email your contact info to jwilson@jacquelinewilson.info (or you can DM me on Twitter as @WritRams)

Dennis said... @ 9:23 AM

Unfortunately, the giggling has nothing to do with the movie.

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