I have a secret.
Sometimes I listen to Canadian talk radio.


Look, I (heart) me some NPR just like everyone else, but lately I've felt like I listened to the SAME NPR story every morning (just change the names).
(Sometimes it's the same story with even the same names.)

Something had to be done (at least for my entertainment sanity). So I looked to our friends to the North. (In my case, it's a little more East, but whatever. Semantics.)


CBC radio has a show called the
Q with Jian Ghomeshi. (You can follow him on Twitter, but FYI he won't follow you back. Even so, he has some good Tweets.) I find the show really fresh and funny with an interesting mix of culture, art, music, book and entertainment news. For example, in the past couple of weeks I've heard interviews with Sonic Youth, the guy who created the game Tetris (one of the greatest games EVER), and David Sedaris. Today was an interview with an artist I've been listening to for a couple of years -- Madeline Peyroux -- and I got to hear her play from her new album. Tomorrow Jian's talking to Bill Cosby.

I mean, could you get more random than Sonic Youth and then Bill Cosby?!?

So there's never a dull moment. It always seems like something uber-interesting happens on the show. Take the Dave Matthews interview, for example.

A couple of weeks ago they had an interview with music man Dave Matthews talking about his new album
Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King. During the interview, Dave Matthews goes off on this wacky tale tangent about how he and his daughter scared a mango-eating monkey. It was funny to listen to Jian. It was one of those, "Do I stop this and move on, or let him go on to tell the funky story?" uncomfortable moments.

My first thought was, "Sure, you scared a monkey, but do you have a
monkey lamp?!?"


No go on, listen to
some Q.


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