We have a cat.
We have a 17 month old.
They both like to pee. Alot. Randomly. Around the house.
One does it inside a diaper, one does it out. (I'll let you figure out which one.)

Because of this random bodily elimination, I often have to remove and wash the carpet that is in our back entry. Not a rug, mind you, but (what was once) a nice, round tapestry-like carpet that you really aren't supposed to be washing but I have ruined because I have no choice but to wash it every 11th day.
One of those.

Fast forward to 4 a.m. this morning.
We're up.
(I have a child who DOES.NOT.SLEEP. but that's a whole different blog...) I had just removed the rug in the back hall the night before, so there was a crisscross spider web of carpet tape exposed on the floor.

In the dark house, Ella had followed me around the back hall as I went into the kitchen. And then?
I was alone.
And then I heard it: a tiny scared whimpering of a 17 month old getting ready to let out a full wail.
Yep, you guessed it.
Her little feet were stuck to the crisscrossed spiderweb of carpet tape and she couldn't move.

If only I had a picture.
Or video.
If only it hadn't been 4 a.m. I might've been more inclined to take both.

Spidey has nothin' on me...


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