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I just finished reading through my "Real Age Assessment" and I'm P*SSED! This was actually on the assessment:

"CONSIDER BUYING A MID- TO LARGE-SIZE MOTOR VEHICLE WHEN YOU MAKE YOUR NEXT PURCHASE.The small size of your motor vehicle makes your RealAge older. A large motor vehicle provides more protection in a serious accident than does a small motor vehicle.ACTION PLAN:
Consider buying a mid- to large-size motor vehicle when you make your next purchase.
Check Consumer Reports to determine how the motor vehicles that you are interested in perform in crash tests.
Although driving a mid- to large-size motor vehicle would make your RealAge younger, the size is not as important as the routine use of seat belts and air bag protection.

Oh no they didn't! Just because I drive a cute little sporty car, then I get to tack years onto my REAL AGE?!?! Uh no. Nuh uh. Nope. Not gonna happen. As of this point forward, I'm officially THREE YEARS YOUNGER than stated "real age".

How you gonna act now you no-good-gas-guzzling-big-car-havin'-environment-killing-small-sports-car-haters?!?!

HM. (I feel much better about the One-a-Day thing after that...)