So, three weeks ago during a nice, sunny, crisp Fall day you might say to your husband something like, oh, I don't know..."Gee. Look at all those leaves in our gutters! We really need to clean those out before snow so that it doesn't clog up and cause a leak." And your husband might reply with an unconcerned comment like, say, "OH WELL!" and then three weeks later when there's a steady stream of water pouring into your dining room after a snow turned to sleet turned to rain storm and he has to go out in the 45-feels-like-39 degree dark & rain to clean out the gutters in hopes of stopping the leak, he might just, say, be really pissed and take it out on you when you screech, "Remember 3 weeks ago when I said, 'We need to clean out those gutters before they cause a leak?!!!'".

I'm just sayin'...
(Hey, it did could happen...)


Cara said... @ 4:09 PM

My husband has the same problem. He never listens to me but when things go sour, I am the one he gets upset with. I always tell him, if you would have listen to me in the first place (which he loves to hear).

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