The following are things I felt compelled to discuss with my husband in a stream of consciousness at 3 a.m. this morning:

  1. "Do you think those people on the Martha Stewart show yesterday who received colored dice as their audience gift were thinking, 'I KNEW we should've gone to Oprah!'"
  2. "Don't you wish we had blueberry pancakes?"
  3. "We haven't even taken a parenting class! And, I'm SURE it's the key to all success!"
  4. "Did you know that we have to pick a pediatrician BEFORE we give birth and NO moms in town are happy with theirs?!?"
  5. "Do you think it's snowing outside?"
  6. "What IS [Ninja Cocaine Kitty] doing out there?!?"

and finally:

"What do you think they really put in that Mystic Pizza anyway?!?"


Cara said... @ 3:28 PM

Pregancy can make you crazy. Have you had any weird dreams yet?
I am usually laying awake a 3:00 am thinking...I can't stand the way my husband breaths. Very odd.

Michelle said... @ 10:15 AM

Ha! Our favorite labor story is how they asked us who we wanted for our pediatrician AFTER they gave me nice drugs. (My ob was mia . . .uh, rehab . . . and the note in my files was missing as well.) So I gave them the name of my cousin's ob/gyn. They gave me a funny look and tried to track the imaginary pediatrician down for HOURS. I snapped at them every time they asked if I had the name right. Finally they had to call the ped on call at the hospital and everything was fine. The next day I found out the name of the one I wanted and we went to see her for the 1-week visit.

Hehe . . . nothing works the way you plan, but it all works out fine. :)

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