Saturday, November 14, 2009

Last night, we had chinese food. My favorite part of the meal -- like everyone else -- is the fortune cookie! (Hellooooo - bits of wisdom IN A COOKIE?!? GENIUS.)

Giddy with anticipation, I delicately break apart my cookie to find the following advice:

Behind an able man, there are always.

Period. That was it. ALWAYS WHAT?!?

Everyone knows the rule of fortune cookie etiquette -- if you get a fortune you hate, you get to choose another cookie.

(OK, you may not have known that rule of etiquette because, quite honestly, I just made it up. But anyway...)

Skeptically, I choose another cookie. I read it with a raised eyebrow.

Hubby: What did it say?
Me: The current year will bring you much happiness.
Hubby: Well you better get on it, you have about six weeks.

And just then?
The dog threw up.


cardiogirl said... @ 3:07 AM

Naturally I thought you were going to add "...in bed," to the end of your fortune which still doesn't work in this situation.

But it does work on the second fortune. And you can also blame it on your husband if that second fortune doesn't come true.

That's a win-win, right? You get the accolades if it works the first way, you get to slough off responsibility if it doesn't.

WritRams said... @ 2:25 AM

That's an EXCELLENT solution, cardiogirl... ;o)

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