Monday, November 23, 2009

So I finally get around to hanging my daughter's first birthday picture in her room.

She's 21 months old now. She'll be two at the beginning of February.

So, anyway...

It's a great picture of her with sticky pink icing hands and it's framed by a mat of signatures and memories from all her guests at the party.

Today I hang it in a prominent position in her room, right across from her bed and above the sofa. You know, where she can see it when she wakes up or comes into the room.

When Ella comes into the room I say, "LOOK HONEY! Mommy hung your first birthday picture! Isn't it cuuuuuuute?!?"

Ella's reply?

In a sob, "EWWWWW! The baby's hands are yuuuuuuuucky!"

She's totally preoccupied with it in her room and feels the need to declare, on the verge of tears every time she enters her room, "EWWWW! BABY'S HANDS ARE YUCKY!"

Kids these days are so ungrateful.
I think I'll leave it up just to torture her...


Dennis said... @ 3:14 PM

Sounds like a plan! It'll give her something to talk to her shrink about.

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