What goes hand-in-hand with a rainy day?
Well, OK, a NAP. But since we were out, we didn't have that choice. Instead, what screamed RAINY DAY COMFORT for us was a coffee.

And perhaps some chocolate chip cookies.

Out of convenience, we chose a fast-food-type drive through (an establishment known only in the north to those of us near Canada). We ordered two coffees and - OH LOOK! they have a half-dozen cookies for $3.99 - SOLD! They throw the total on the screen: $10.19.


Clearly something was amiss.

So we get to the window and my husband says, "UH...are you sure that total is correct?" and he repeated our order. At which point we were assured it was correct because they were having a "promotion" on the chocolate chip cookies.

And here's where it started to get interesting.

According to the manager, the chocolate chip cookies were on "PROMOTION" this month so we couldn't buy them at the $3.99 for 6 price (roughly .67-cents each), but instead had to pay $1.00 each.

My husband and I look at each other in that "HUH...WHA..." confused Labradoodle way.

My Husband: Shaking his head "So, they're on promotion so we get to pay MORE? For a cookie ON PROMOTION?!?"
Manager: Yes. These are smile chocolate chip cookies. They're for a fundraiser.
ME: yelling across my husband and through the drive-thru window But we don't want the SMILE COOKIES. I don't even know what a SMILE COOKIE is, we just want the chocolate chip cookies...
My Husband: ...6 for $3.99
Manager: I can't sell you 6 chocolate chip cookies. They are on promotion for $1.00 each. But you can choose any other flavor 6 for $3.99.

My Husband and Me: blink-blink-blink
ME: Again, yelling across my husband into the drive-thru window So let me get this straight, we can't have the cookies we want at the normal price, but we CAN buy them at a higher price for a fundraiser we don't even know if we want to support?
Manager: *sigh* We can't ring chocolate chip cookies 6 for $3.99 right now. There's no button.
My Husband and Me: blink-blink-blink
ME: Tell ya what, forget the cookies all together, we'll just take the coffees.

Moral of the Story? If you want to do a promotional fundraiser, raise your prices by 33-cents and insure that customers only have a choice to buy or not to buy. (See how well it worked on us?)

And that, my friends? Is promotion math and fundraising at its finest.

God Bless America.


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