The 18 month old is in a No, I really don't have time to eat, thank you phase. Her favorite food for three days at lunch? Will magically no longer be her favorite food.

It's so frustrating (not to mention the mental exhaustion of trying to plan not only good for you food, but to decipher WHAT good for you food will be acceptable at this meal but probably not two days from now).

As a parent you'll try anything to get your kid to eat.


So after an OK showing at breakfast, a marginal lunch and then a no-go at dinner, we were exhausted. So I did a Yo Gabba Gabba throw down.

ME: *to Ella* You know, Yo Gabba Gabba's carrots want to go to a party in their tummy...
Todd: Yeah! *singing* ♫ There's a party in your tummy, there's a party in your tummy... ♫
Ella: *looking from me to Todd* YO?
ME: *Excited! Breakthrough near!* YES! Yo Gabba Gabba! ♫There's a party in your tummy...♫
Todd: ...♫so yummy! So yummy!♫
ME: So...can the carrots go to the party in yoooooour tummy?
Ella: *looking from me to Todd* *shakes head* No Yo.
Us: *collective sigh*


christin said... @ 4:01 AM

We love the Yo Gabba Gabba song at our house!

Welcome to toddler hood! She will come back around to eating more again, I promise. All of mine went through this phase and now my two older ones will eat a really wide variety of veggies and other items.

Also, try chopping veggies really tiny and hiding them in things. Don't stress too much, she will be fine and she will not starve!

My mom said I only wanted to eat chicken noodle soup for most of my life! Don't eat the stuff now unless I am sick.

Michelle said... @ 9:18 AM

Love me some Gabba! It has all the crack appeal of the freaking teletubbies (blech) but with awesome beats courtesy of that dude that used to be some 80s rapper or dj or whatever and his freaking name escapes me know . . . throw Jack Black and that chick from SNL (man, I need coffee, can't remember crap!) and you've got kid tv gold!!!

My Ella refused all things "kid". mashed potatoes, mac & cheese, chicken nuggets. Nope. Both of mine love raw vegetables. And olives and pickled okra. Now Harper's falling off the weight chart so I'm following her around with little bits of food, because just forget sitting for an actual meal. Eh . . . it passes. Lots of coffee for mom, though! :)

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