It's true. If you have a really warped sense of humor you can't just turn it off. Not for any reason, in any situation.

As you may know, we had to have my dog Indy put to sleep earlier this week. It's been awful. We left him at the vet's office to be cremated. The following is a conversation that took place between my husband and me yesterday:

ME: We got something in the mail from the Vet's office. It looks like a card. I couldn't open it...
Him: Hm...what do you think it is?
ME: *blink*blink*blink*
ME: Welllllllll...my best guess is that it's a sympathy card. However, I guess that they could be sending us Indy.
Him: *silence*
Him: *look of disbelief*
Him: *more silence*
Him: You know, that's not even funny...
ME: I know...

Don't worry. I cried later.
There is a little piece of heart inside this black hole somewhere.


Criss said... @ 1:36 PM

Hey, a warped sense of humor is what gets you through those situations.

(Sorry about your loss. My oldest cat is names Indy, too. A few months ago he decided it would be fun to get hit by a car. He made it, after a very long stay at the vet's. the boy knows how to beg for attention...)

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