I like mochas.
I like babies.

Sometimes I even like to take my baby into a place where they serve mochas - say, like, a Starbucks.
I'm assuming other people do as well.
But I'm seriously reconsidering my support of Starbucks.

On two recent driving trips, we stopped at several Starbucks. NONE had changing tables in their bathrooms. That's ZERO, NADA, ZIP, ZILCH. BIG, NICE, SINGLE PERSON bathrooms (big enough to house a frat party) and they couldn't install one of those cheap, flip-down, plastic changing tables? Look, unless you want me changing my baby on your table a la Britney, you might want to rethink this.

So, I'm in serious contemplation about starting a movement against family-unfriendly Starbucks. I mean, dudes, give up $200 of your corporate salaries TO INSTALL A CHANGING TABLE.


Look, before I had a baby, I hated kids in my space, too. However, now that I have a baby? You all must be subjected to babyness. I mean, who does Starbucks think they are putting those open air coolers in so that little grubby hands can just reach and pick any glass-bottled drink product they want? In my opinion, they are just asking for a little artsy rearranging of those ceramic cups ON THE BOTTOM SHELF.

How dare they create a family unfriendly environment?

Then again, they may have a point. I'm pretty sure the guy saying the rosary didn't appreciate Ella running over and grabbing his yummy pastry off the table while he had his eye closed. (Her little legs are deceptively fast!)

So what do I know, anyway?!?


Shadows said... @ 11:44 AM

I wholeheartedly agree with you. Everyplace should be required to have one of those installed, much like handicapped access. It doesn't take much to bolt the thing to the wall. It really gets me when I go into any restroom and see nothing to change a baby on.

WritRams (AKA: Jackie) said... @ 11:48 AM

Shadows: I agree. It should be a requirement. It's not like changing tables are in the way and you have to work around them in the bathroom. THEY ARE FOLDED UP AGAINST THE WALL.

Know what else I've never seen in a Starbucks? Baby highchairs. It's pretty clear that the company wishes to keep a non-family environment (wonder how it is to be an employee there and take maternity leave?!?)

LilSammiStoner said... @ 12:31 PM

I agree with all points made. Of course... I'm not a big fan of Starschmucks to begin with. I prefer to support local, independent coffee shops. Their coffee is better and usually more reasonably priced. And they have more family friendly atmospheres. At least, the ones I find do. LOL

As for what to do? Well you've already started doing one thing: You've blogged it and reached many many many people you otherwise would not have.

WritRams (AKA: Jackie) said... @ 1:17 PM

Hi Lil-Yeah, we like to support local, too. Unfortunately, the cool local coffeeshops aren't always the "pull off the highway to fuel up and get right back on" when you're traveling.

(and LOL @ "Starschmucks"!)

JR Moreau said... @ 9:34 AM

While I don't share your opinion that every establishment in America should be required to have a baby changing station, I do think that this is an interesting topic. The ability for mothers to influence large corporate action boggles my mind. Kudos to you if you can start a "Motrin-Mom" like movement with this blog post.

Also, look out for the hashtag #Starschmucks on Twitter :-)

christin said... @ 3:30 PM

Reading this blog has given me a deja vu experience! Way back in time when my eleven y/o was still in diapers we were traveling/moving from Kansas to Pennsylvania, U-Haul and Bonneville packed to the gills! We stopped at a gas station and our little sweetie had a very yucky diaper and of course there were NO changing tables. Our car was too full to change her there and it was COLD. So...we placed one of their newspapers UNDER our changing pad on the floor in the back, we did not get the paper dirty so we folded it back up and put it back. Let's just say, I thought my husband was going to be arrested after the conversation that followed with the store clerk. After that I too wanted to start a revolution. BTW it was almost midnight and so that paper was basically "old" news anyway. LOL

Julie N said... @ 11:08 AM

Oh man, I'm rolling with laughter over here! I can just picture all of this in my mind and wholeheartedly agree with you as well! BTW, it's not just the little kids that like to rearrange those open air displays! My son is 10 and has a great time doing it as well. Perhaps not as artfully as the younger ones though. :) So did you tweet this to @starbucks on Twitter? :)

WritRams (AKA: Jackie) said... @ 11:13 AM

Julie - OOOH! Good thinking about Twittering Starbucks! (See? THIS is why I need a global women's network!)

Marcy said... @ 12:51 PM

Did you bring this up with the management at any of those Starbucks? Every one I've ever been to has had a changing table. I've often chosen Starbucks over a local coffee house because I knew the Starbucks had a changing table and the other place did not. So they're clearly not averse to adding these, but may need reminders from their local clientele.

Jackie said... @ 2:51 PM

At least they have a bathroom. There's one in Hollywood (or somewhere thereabouts) that Craig Ferguson constantly slammed on his show because they serve COFFEE and don't have a public TOILET.

On the other hand, when I had a baby (in the 80's), there was no such thing as a fold-down diaper change thingy. For that matter, there were no coffee houses to hang out in on every corner. But if there had been, I wouldn't have been able to afford to. We're talking garage sale baby clothes and donated baby furniture because neither the husband nor I could get a job right out of college, nor could we get credit. And when we got jobs, they were low-wage jobs that didn't require our hard-earned degrees and barely paid for childcare. In short, we didn't have money OR time to hang out in coffee houses. I won't even go into how rickety the stroller was... so most of the time we just didn't bother to venture out.

Things have changed. But there'll always be something to complain about, won't there?

So I can't say that I agree with Shadows' and WritRams' belief that "every place should be required to have one of those installed." You were joking, right? What kind of police state would you like to live in? Really? Convenience should be required by law? Whose convenience? Maybe the Starbucks should demand a law that people can't take more than 15 seconds to order when there's a long line of latte lovers behind them who need their caffeine fix NOW. Just press a buzzer under the counter and the rent-a-cop will show up, "I'm sorry ma'am, but you're going to have to move along. I'll let you off with a warning this time, but if I catch you here again taking 16 seconds to blurt out Tall Skinny DeCaff Caramel Latte no whip, but an extra shot," I'll have to haul you in.

It's really simple. If they don't have a baby-changing station, request one. And if they say they don't plan to install one, let them know why you won't be coming there anymore, and find another place. You don't have to call the militia. There's probably another Fourbucks on the next corner.

The Free Market. It works.

WritRams (AKA: Jackie) said... @ 4:20 PM

I vote for shock collars for anyone taking more than 15 seconds to order a cup of coffee.

Shock Collars.
There is no substitute.

thatdamnredhead said... @ 12:10 AM

Y'all need a Biggby over there. I'm pretty sure they have those in all of them. If not, they're super family friendly and would probably do it on request.

Biggby Bob jokes that each of his stores should come with a sign that says "Unattended children will be given an espresso and a free puppy."

That's just hilarious right there.

Megan MacDonald said... @ 6:38 AM

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