Danko Ramone said... @ 9:30 PM

I'm sorry, but I recently discovered the Shamwow! guy (I rarely watch TV, so it takes me a while), and I must beg to differ.

The Shamwow guy is PERFECT. The product might be crap, who knows, but he is PREFECT as the pitchman. And he's perfect because rather than being Screamin' Billy Mays, or that "incredulous to learn that meat can be cooked on grill" guy with the faux-discovery show, he plays the role that ought to be played.

There's no attempt to turn shammies into anything other than shammies, no idiot trying to convince the viewer it's their ticket to live like the celebrites do...none of that crap. It's a guy playing the obnoxious shammy selling guy on a slightly raised platform at the state fair.

If all product advertising were that honest and true to it's roots our lives would be so less stressful and cluttered.

WritRams (AKA: Jackie) said... @ 10:43 PM

Oh silly, silly D.R.- you missed one glaringly (?) obvious point: THE TOTAL CREEPY FACTOR OF THE GUY. He looks like Dawn of the Dead meets that guy Puck from Real World San Francisco (and I ain't buyin' nuthin' from that combo). *please don't make me watch him*

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