Dear 2007:

I won't be sad to see you go.
You've been a year of changes, learning, pain and hopefully, growth. You've been a year of mostly losses with very few gains. You've been a year of additions and subtractions. Lots of tears and very few smiles.

In 2007, we went from being a comfortable family to an uncomfortable family. The ones that helped to the ones that needed help. We found ourselves in uncharted territory in more ways than one.

Our bookstore went from being completely self-sufficient to completely downhill in just a matter of a couple of short months. So much so that we are considering closing and will make the decision in January. We've gone from giving endlessly and tirelessly to our community to wondering what we're really doing here.

Our personal finances deteriorated as I continued to work at the bookstore for no pay, which left little to no time for contract writing/teaching. Which meant no checks. No additional personal financial support for our family. Couple that with Todd's lay off the year before finally catching up with us and our personal financial situation is at the worst it has ever been. Again, a brand new place for us.

We've strengthened some friendships and probably weakened a few others. In difficult, painful and surprising ways, we've realized what we mean to certain people and relationships and what they mean to us. We've been overwhelmed by the support of some, and completely surprised at the lack of support from others.

We celebrated the unexpected addition of a baby kitty to our family, and then four days later mourned the loss of one that had been with us for 13 years.

We were shocked and blessed to find that we were pregnant. And then worried that we wouldn't be able to provide even the most basic needs for our new baby. Although a huge blessing, the actual day-to-day pregnancy hasn't been filled with joy - 24-hour sickness for 4 months and beyond and news of additional illnesses seemed like it filled each week. Tumors. Iron Deficiency. Possible Diabetes. Other complications. Each day has been a test.

We finally understand the importance of family.

We've sold things, traded down, cashed out, shed lots of tears, shared very few laughs, and yet, here we still are - relying only on our Faith to carry us forward. And honestly? That may just be enough.

However disappointing, I still find myself extending a brief thanks to you, 2007. Because of you we've learned:

  • a great deal about who we are and what we stand for.
  • what is important, and the petty things that aren't (that we can't be bothered with).
  • who we can count on, who we can't, who can count on us.
  • that we need to get our priorities straight in the New Year.
I'm hoping that when we look back on 2007, there will be a realization that it was one of our biggest personal growth years ever. We're betting on our Faith to carry us and guide us through next year, too.

But for now, I'll bid you a not-so-fond farewell, 2007.

Here's looking toward Baby New Year (in more ways than one),


Cara said... @ 6:13 PM

Wishing you a Happy and Healthy 2008!

Dinger said... @ 9:53 AM

Here is hoping that your new year, and the new year of those around you will be much better in many ways...

Anonymous said... @ 9:55 AM

Hoping that 2008 will bring many wonderful things and blessings for you and all those around you... '07 hasn't been the best for any of us!

Michelle said... @ 1:57 PM

Oh hon', I can relate. '04 - '06 were like that for us. You'll come out stronger. You'll appreciate family and that baby THAT much more. Best wishes in 2008!

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