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As you already know, I get some pretty *ahem* "interesting" people in the bookstore. Here's the winner for today:

I'm SO OBVIOUSLY helping a customer (I'm standing at the counter talking to a woman with her purse out - need a bigger clue?) when this other woman bursts through the door and just short of shouting says "ARE YOU THE OWNER?" (in the middle of my sentence to the customer I was helping). I say, "I'll be right with you" and she walks around me still kind of talking to me, not talking to me, talking to the voices in her head? I don't know...

When I get to her she says, "You're not interested in Mary Kay are you?"
So many things wrong here. Where to start? Honey, let me help you out:

First of all, don't start out negatively. You gave me the perfect opportunity to say NO by leading me into "you're not interested..." (which of course I said NO). It's Selling 101.

Second of all, if you're selling Mary Kay, you might want to NOT wear a dirty, inside-out sweatshirt.

AND, you might want to wear SOME MAKE-UP.

AND, NOT act like you're schizophrenic.

I'm just sayin'...

*tsk*tsk* Mary Kay. I expected so much more of your sales people...

It gets much more interesting, but I'll spare you (except for telling you that she did offer to "blow up" some pictures she had of the 9/11 attack because "they would look really, really good in here.." HM. Wonder why I didn't think of that in the nice, soothing atmosphere of my bookstore...)

It's SO time for a Bahamavention....